Greg Hands MP for Chelsea and Fulham Writes to Residents

Over 1.5 million Londoners have received first dose of coronavirus vaccine

Vaccination roll out 'truly remarkable'

Dear Resident,

As the battle with coronavirus continues, the progress the UK has made with the rollout of the vaccination has been truly remarkable.

On 13 February 2021, over 15 million people in the UK had been vaccinated, with over 500,000 people receiving the vaccine just on that day alone. The significance of this
achievement cannot be overstated given it was only two months ago on 8 December 2020

when the first person in the UK was given the vaccine.
The UK is vaccinating at a far higher rate than any other country in Europe, and the proportion of people in the UK who have received the first dose of the vaccine is currently the third highest in the world.

Vaccines are being administered at over 1,500 sites across the country, from football stadiums and schools to churches and museums.

In Fulham, the Parsons Green Walk In Centre has helped facilitate the vaccination programme whilst other nearby vaccination sites, such as the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and the Royal Brompton Hospital, have played an important role in providing the vaccine to our residents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Alongside this, our testing sites have hugely contributed to the progress we have made in
slowing the spread of this virus. With rapid community testing taking place now at the Sands
End Arts and Community Centre and at local Town Halls, it has become far easier to identify
those who may be carrying the virus but do not show symptoms.

On a national scale, I am extremely proud that the NHS has met its commitment to offer the
first dose of the vaccine to everyone in the top four most vulnerable groups by 15 February
2021. In London, this has meant over 1.5 million people have now been given the vaccine.
These four groups have accounted for 88% of COVID-19 deaths, so providing them with the
vaccine as soon as possible has been crucial.

If anyone in the top four priority groups has not yet received the vaccine, you can now book
your coronavirus vaccination online or by calling 119 (free of charge). This includes anyone
aged 70 and over or those who are on the Shielded Patients List. Please visit the NHS website
or click on this link to book an appointment.

Most importantly, this extraordinary effort would not have been possible without the
dedication and commitment of all of those involved in the vaccine rollout, ranging from GPs
and pharmacists to nurses and volunteers, to name just a few. I would like to pay tribute to
and thank the people in the NHS, across Chelsea and Fulham and the whole of the UK, who
have worked incredibly hard and sacrificed so much to fight this virus.

The community spirit demonstrated by Chelsea and Fulham residents during this period has
been exceptional. This collective effort has been key to the progress we have made with the
vaccine and will continue to be essential as we now move on to vaccinating more groups in
the coming weeks and months.

I am immensely proud with the progress of the vaccination programme as well as the hard
work and resolve of all members of our community during this very challenging period.

Rt Hon Greg Hands MP

Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham

For the latest government guidance and support available, please visit:

February 22, 2021