Labour Is Still In Charge Of Merton Council

The full results from yesterday's borough council election

Labour still has control of Merton Council after it won most council seats in last night's election - although it saw a reduction in its number of Councillors.

In the 2014 election, Labour won 36 of the available 60 seats and were able to run the council without the support of other parties.

And the result of yesterday's election, which came at 5.30am, means Labour still has control, with an overall majority of the 60 seats on the council.

Labour secured 34 Councillors, with 47% of the vote - a slight drop from the 49% it received in 2014. Overall turnout in Merton was 41% - identical to the figure from four years ago.

The Liberal Democrats were also celebrating after they were the only party to secure an increase in the number of Councillors - from their one West Barnes Councillor to six Councillors across the Borough.

They secured 14% of the vote and now have three Councillors in West Barnes, as well as two in Wimbledon's Dundonald ward and one in the Wimbledon town centre Trinity ward.

There were 208 candidates for the 60 seats, across the borough's 20 three-member wards.

The full results, which followed recounts in three wards, are below:

 Labour 34
Conservative 17
Liberal Democrats  6
Merton Park Ward Independents  3
UK Independence Party (UKIP)  0
Green Party  0
Independents  0

There were 23 new councillors elected onto the council.  The first council meeting of the newly elected administration will meet on Wednesday May 23.

After the 2014 election the breakdown by party was:

Labour 36; Conservative 20; Merton Park Ward Independents 3; Liberal Democrat 1.

The previous eight years in Merton saw Labour run the council, but as a minority administration with the support of other parties. The Conservatives were in charge for four years from 2006-2010.

Elsewhere, the Conservatives have managed to retain control of neighbouring Wandsworth Council, despite losing a number of seats.

As expected, the Conservatives lost seats elsewhere in London and the Lib Dems managed to gain control of Richmond and Kingston. On the other hand Labour failed to take Westminster, another borough they had hoped to win.

May 4, 2018

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