Chiswick Nursing Centre Rated as Requiring Improvement

Inspectors found a risk of cross-contamination of medicines

Chiswick Nursing Centre in Hammersmith
Chiswick Nursing Centre in Hammersmith. Picture: Google Streetview

A local care home has been told it “requires improvement” after inspectors found residents at risk of taking drugs contaminated with other people’s tablets.

The Chiswick Nursing Centre, which is near Ravenscourt Park, was given the rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after inspectors discovered nurses were using the same mortar to crush different types of medicine.

The health watchdog said in a report it was concerned particles of tablets handed out to residents could be given to the wrong people.

The report said, “At the end of a medicine round we saw the residue of a tablet on the mortar.

“We asked the staff nurse about this and they told us they had used the same mortar to crush tablets for two people.

“The staff nurse told us they did not have time to thoroughly clean the mortar between administering medicines to the two people, as the mortar took too long to dry and there was only one pestle and mortar available on the suite. This practice could cause cross-contamination.”

At the time of the inspection, the care home was looking after 120 patients with a disability or dementia.

The service supported older people with physical frailties and/or people living with dementia, and younger adults with disabilities

At the care home’s last inspection in April 2020 medicines were not always managed safely and it was given a rating of “requires improvement”.

Inspectors explained the care home had improved on the last inspection and fixed a lot of issues and medicines were now sealed and stored safely.

Concerns had also been raised before about the care home’s ability to cope with the pressures of the pandemic.

Care home residents and their relatives told inspectors staff levels had been impacted heavily by Covid.

One person said, “There’s a lot of staff off sick. I think the home does their best,” while another added: “They are short-staffed and staff are pushed to the limit.”

Inspectors praised the care home for ensuring residents were safe and staff had ensured patients had special mattresses to prevent sores.

Staff said they felt well supported and appreciated for their commitment by the provider. People and their relatives thought the service was well managed and felt the management team were approachable.

The Chiswick Nursing Centre has been contacted for comment.


Jacob Phillips – Local Democracy Reporter

February 17, 2022