Fulham Palace Road Reopens to Traffic on Friday

As work by Thames Water is completed three days early

There has been no access to the road from Hammersmith Gyratory, except for buses, bicycles and emergency vehicles, since last Friday, 5 January as engineers installed monitoring equipment on a large clean water main.

Thames Water says these innovative monitors will help Thames Water better detect leaks meaning they can be fixed more quickly, reducing the risk of interruptions to water supplies or bursts.

The work was prioritised as this water system supplies Charing Cross Hospital.

Thames Water expected the work to last till Sunday, 14 January, but early this morning, TfL Traffic Alerts tweeted @TfLTrafficNews: "UPDATE: A219 Fulham Palace Road j/w Talgarth Road (Hammersmith Gyratory) - believe it or not, the road has now fully reopened (earlier works). Traffic is light and flowing well in the area."

Thames Water has also confirmed the news with its own tweet @thameswater: "We’ve now completed our work on Fulham Palace Road #W6 3 days ahead of schedule and the road has now been fully reopened. We've been busy installing monitors on our water pipes to allow us to better detect leaks and get them fixed quickly."

January 12, 2018


December 21, 2017