Three Local Schools Celebrated by London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Melcombe, Sir John Lillie and Fulham Cross congratulated for 'outstanding achievements'

They have been recognised through the Schools for Success programme, part of the Mayor's drive to help tackle education inequality and increase standards for all school children across the capital, whatever their background.

Headteachers of the three schools, Mr Wayne Leeming, Mrs Sue Hayward and Ms Denise Fox, pictured above, were invited to a ceremony at City Hall to receive their awards and to respond to a plea from Sadiq Khan to share best practice with others across London through events, schools visits and online profiles.

The programme recognises the top 6% of schools in London through the programme and they are the only Hammersmith and Fulham schools to receive the award this year.

Melcombe Primary has been recognised for engaging all children and raising aspirations, through an innovative teaching and learning model, incorporating Brain Based and Visible Learning. This model has helped children better contextualise their learning and learn the value of it. It ensures they have a sound understanding of how to complete tasks successfully, resulting in better engagement and an improved rate of progress.

Head teacher Wayne Leeming said: "As a school committed to tackling inequality, increasing standards and raising aspiration, Melcombe Primary School is proud to have been recognised for its innovative and successful approach."

Sir John Lillie Primary is recognised for rigorous data analysis and targeted interventions with a ‘Keep Up not Catch Up’ approach.

Sue Hayward said: " Closely monitoring the pupil progress through data and targeted interventions has seen the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils close significantly.

"Through high quality staff training, weekly reviewing of children’s progress and personalised learning programmes children have made more than expected progress and this is reflected in our data."

Fulham Cross Girls' School is recognised for maintaining outstanding progress for all and no pupil premium gap – an approach which has seen the school ranked 35th out of over 4,000 secondary schools in the country for student progress.

Head of School, Denise Fox said: "We are proud to be recognised through this programme as we have an unstinting belief that all our girls have both the right, and the potential, to be successful. It is this belief that underpins the high expectations that we have of our students to be aspirational in all that they do."

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: "Congratulations to all three schools for their outstanding achievements and for the hard work of their pupils and teaching staff. London has some of the best schools in the country, and Schools for Success shows the huge difference good quality teaching can make to pupils who started off behind in their studies.

" By sharing best practice with other schools across the capital, we can help every young Londoner reach their full potential, and ensure no child is left behind."

Recognition through the programme is especially pleasing as all three schools work closely together to ensure a seamless transition from primary to secondary school and regularly collaborate to provide a range of opportunities for pupils and staff.

Further information about Schools for Success can be found here.

January 12, 2018