Hammersmith Town Hall Hosts Free NHS Event on Sunday

Celebrating its 70th birthday and answering questions about its future

Hammersmith Town Hall is hosting a free special event on Sunday afternoon, celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS.

The aim of the event is NHS myth-busting, with the organisers saying: " Our NHS is being turned into a US-style public/private enterprise. This is being done without our proper knowledge or our democratic consent.

"Is it true that the Government is no longer responsible for providing our healthcare? Why are US/international companies playing such a large role in our NHS?

" Why is privatisation costing us as much as £10 billion a year? Why will throwing more money at the NHS not solve the problem?

" How can we get back our NHS?"

Join Question Time with NHS expert Professor Allyson Pollock, GP Louise Irvine and other NHS defenders and see video contributions from STOMP, Professor Stephen Hawking and others.

Come along and get the answers to your questions at Hammersmith Town Hall, in King Street on Sunday 1 July 2018, from 2pm till 5pm.

For further information contact 38 Degrees C Chelsea & Fulham at 38degchelful@gmail.com.

There is also further information on Central and West London Action's website.

June 29, 2018