Barons Court Theatre Presents Lemons by Sam Steiner

Aongside Richard Leigh's Magic Cavern every Sunday afternoon

Can you imagine a world where language is limited to 140 words a day?

That's exactly what happens in Lemons, a fascinating play from First Floor Presents now on at Barons Court Theatre.

How can people properly communicate? How do relationships survive under such pressure? The play explores the implications of living in such a society and asks the question "Are some things best left unsaid?"

In Lemons we meet a couple facing this struggle: can they learn to communicate and how can they stay together? When silence displaces their language, the poignancy, power, and particularisation of language are revealed. It reveals the blossoming and downfall of their relationship under this pressure. Oliver and Bernadette ask themselves if they will ever truly know each other.

Alongside Trump's Twitter and Brexit around the corner, Lemons cleverly deliberates social conflicts of today and the wider issues of democracy and free speech.

We understand language as a tool of communication: social media, politics, news, radio, theatre and music. When this is taken away who suffers? Can we seek a strength in this controlled society?

By taking a step back into silence do we demonstrate an act of rebellion? Are some things left best unsaid?

PERFORMANCES continue daily till Monday 27 May at 7.30 p.m with additional matinees on Saturdays at 3pm. (No performances Sundays 5 and 12 May)

TICKETS: £15 from the BOX OFFICE: 020 8932 4747

EMAIL BOOKINGS: Send details of performance and number of tickets required to Then pay for them, in cash, when you come to the performance.

Also continuing at Barons Court Theatre is London's longest running magic show, The Magic Cavern, now in its 16th year.

Richard Leigh opened at The Barons Court Theatre with The Magic Cavern in 2002. It has become London's long running theatrical magic show with over 1100 performances.

Wherever you sit in this atmospheric venue, you are only a few feet away from the magic which happens literally under your very eyes.

This show is interactive and suitable for all the family, from six to to 106.

You can catch the show at 2pm every Sunday, which this month is 5, 12, 19 and 26 May.

Find out more and book tickets online at Richard Leigh's website.

Barons Court Theatre is below the Curtains Up pub in Comeragh Road, W14.


May 1, 2019