Chiswick Pianists Present New Concert Series

Clerkenwell International Music Series

Two Chiswick pianists, Fiammetta Tarli & Ivo Varbanov, are organising and crowd funding for a new music series. Both are classical pianists performing all over Europe, with more than 20 commercial recordings under their belts (Hyperion, Gega New, BNR, and ICSM Records). Since 2014 they have also run a small independent label, ICSM Records.

Starting in February 2018, they have planned two concerts per month, all of them held on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm at the Priory of the Museum of the Order of St John – a mediaeval order of knights. The Priory is situated in Clerkenwell, a lively corner of London with excellent restaurants and a vibrant culture.

For the first edition of the Series they will have a total of 18 concerts, varying in theme and in style. Their programmes include classical, jazz, fusion, and improvisation: a feast for every music lover.

For more details of the concerts and how to support them, please go to Clerkenwell International Music Series.

December 13, 2017