Family of Foxes Take Over Abandoned Fulham House

Cubs seen playing in the garden of property on Reporton Road

ox cubs playing in the backgarden of the abandoned house in Reporton Road, Fulham Please credit: Jeannie Dumas
Fox cubs playing in the backgarden of the abandoned house. Picture: Jeannie Dumas

An adorable family of foxes has taken over a house in Fulham that was abandoned nearly six years ago.

Machinery, building materials, and a portaloo still containing human waste, have been sitting in the back and front gardens of the terraced house since late 2016.

Builders were last seen at the property several weeks after it was bought for £1.2 million by Global Reach Construction Ltd.

Jeannie Dumas, who lives next door says, the derelict house is an “eyesore” and that mould is growing through the wall she shares with it.

She drew the attention of hundreds of Fulham residents when she uploaded a video to social media of the fox cubs playing among the discarded building materials.

“There has been no activity at the house, no progression of building works, and it continues to fall into disrepair,” said Ms Dumas, 41, and who has lived in Reporton Road for 11 years.

“This house is an eyesore on our street and is having a negative impact on the value of my property and that of other residents on Reporton Road.”


Ms Dumas continued, “Having opened the door to the construction box at the front, which was unlocked, I found that there were wires everywhere, as well as a portaloo with human waste in it that has sat there for the past five years.

“This is an environmental and safety hazard to myself and my neighbours and is causing myself and residents of Reporton Road a great deal of distress.”

Black hoarding surrounds the front of the abandoned house in Reporton Road Please credit: Jeannie Duma
Black hoarding surrounds the front of the abandoned house. Picture: Jeannie Dumas

She believes the foxes – a vixen and four cubs – appeared “a few weeks ago”.

“They’re so sweet but I’ve had my entire back garden destroyed because they scratch everything,” she said.

Several residents in Reporton Road have been asking Hammersmith and Fulham Council to intervene.

Ms Dumas suggested the council should use powers under Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act. These are designed to allow councils to fine landlords up to £1,000 if their property affects the “amenity” of neighbours.

Building waste has been dumped at the site since 2016. Picture: Jeannie Dumas

The council has said it is investigating the property.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service tried to seek comment from Nikita Yarmolenko, 29, who is the sole director of Global Reach Construction Ltd.

A former director of the company who left in 2019, Artem Ermakov, said he did not wish to comment, but believes Mr Yarmolenko may now live in Russia.

The company, which is listed at a residential address in Limehouse, east London, has not filed accounts on Companies House since 2019.

Neighbours of the property in Limehouse said they had not seen Mr Yarmolenko for a number of years.

Owen Sheppard - Local Democracy Reporter

May 12, 2021