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Letter sent by local teacher about new 'Clean Air' restrictions

This was posted on NextDoor and I thought it was worth sharing here. It is a letter from a teacher written to the council a few weeks ago which, apparnetly has not had a response.
‘ I am writing to share my concerns regarding the new cameras to the west of Wandsworth Bridge Road. I am not a resident. I am a commuter, so I understand that I am probably one of the people you are intentionally trying to force on to Wandsworth Bridge Road. However I would like you to take the following in to consideration: - I am a teacher in Fulham. I used to live in the area and know it well. For personal reasons I had to move out of the area but very much love it and the school I work in. I love the children I work with. I have worked there for over 10 years and know how hard recruitment has been in the last few years. The time and frustration that has been added to my journey is now forcing me to leave my position as I cannot sustain the added time it takes to get to and from work. This will directly impact the children I work with in your area. - I have considerably reduced the amount I spend in local businesses and I am sure I am not alone. I used to stop off for a coffee most mornings and would pop out at lunch time to buy my lunch. I no longer have time to stop in the mornings as I am sat on Wandsworth Bridge Road, and I no longer buy lunch as I have to catch up on work at lunchtime rather than doing it after school as I know it takes me longer to get home. - you have not addressed the problems with traffic on Wandsworth bridge road and Putney Bridge before moving even more traffic that way. It would be advisable to put measures in place there first before adding to it. (Doesn't help that Wandsworth bridge itself is currently one lane in both directions and traffic turning right on the fulham side holds up all other traffic on the bridge. I often queue from trinity road all the way to, and past, Fulham Broadway) Could I suggest restrictions to the time the cameras are operable? I would be happy to (and often do) travel outside of peak times (pre-7.30am and before 5pm) I hope you will take the wider impact of this change into consideration and not just the thoughts of local residents. Whilst you may find commuters irritating, we are willingly bringing money and skills into your area’ As the schemes are imposed across the borough we will lose more and more people who support us.

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